Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ECG, Lee Valley and Buckerfields

I got up at 6 for an appointment in Victoria for an ECG. The last time I got up that early was when we left on vacation in January. After the appointment, Allan and I went to Timmys for a coffee. Nice. We went out to Lee Valley so I could get some pegs to hammer into the ground and hold the landscaping cloth in place. Long way to go for pegs! Then I spotted a plastic bucket in a window and we went careening in to the plastic store. I finally found a five gallon pail, lid and scoop for my organic fertilizer mix. We stopped at Buckerfield's to get more fertilizer ingredients in bulk and more landscape cloth. Fertilizer recipe.
Tonight I made a batch of blueberry jam. I'm going to drop a jar off at my sisters house in the morning. I mentioned in an earlier posting that I haven't made jam in nearly thirty years or so, and she has talked about how good it was, ever since. It'll be a nice little surprise when she gets home tomorrow.

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The Sage Butterfly said...

It seems as if you had a very busy day. Your reference to blueberry jam has made my mouth water...yummy! Welcome to Blotanical!