Monday, August 29, 2011

The projects are complete and with only minor injuries!

Completed Berry Bed
The irregular shaped raised raspberry bed is done. We need to fill it with soil and put the berry back in the ground. It should be fine for a day or two as it is quite cool.
The poor raspberry. As of today, it has been potted up in compost.

Compost Bin. Tacked up, not quite ready to use.
We've run out of long screws but we figured out where to put the compost bins and set it up and tacked it with a couple screws. We found that one of the four pallets is a different size. Live and learn. I thought there was only the one size. So before you tote the really heavy pallet home...make sure it's the right size. 
Mystery injury
Injuries of the day: Allan cut his finger. See photo. Obviously it was one of those ridiculous injuries as he won't even tell me how he did it. My injury. I was holding two pieces of wood at chin level while Allan used an antique, steel, heavy drill to put a three inch screw through the wood I was holding. Duh. So, he had the drill pointing down at about head level. I didn't see what happened, but suffice it to say, he let go of the drill and it fell onto my face. My cheek bone to be precise. If I get a nice bruise or anything I'll post a picture. And yet again I say...where was my video camera.

**Update: My cheekbone is pink with maybe a titch of a bruise. Not exciting enough for a picture.

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