Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Deflowering strawberries

Be Patient my Sweet
 On some level I already knew that I shouldn't let my young strawberries bear fruit, or even flower. I want to have more plants, so one removes the flowers and that should force new plants. So that was today's little project. The basil is growing like mad. It looks wonderful and I should meet my goal of having a years worth of pesto.
I was given a whole bunch of canning jars from Jim, my compost guru. He is going to give me beets to pickle this weekend. Aren't gardening buddies wonderful.
I have two small azaleas that have been in pots for several years. I am trying to streamline the gardening as much as possible. One way I'm trying to cut down on the unnecessary work that I do, is to get the potted plants in the garden. All I have left now is one fern out front.

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