Friday, August 26, 2011

So much to do this weekend, I love it...and fresh crab

We are finally having some hot weather on the west coast. It makes me want to play hooky and just 'be' in the yard. I have a few projects for the weekend. I would like to get the raspberry bed built, the first section of my three bin compost system and make blackberry jam. I went to Karen's house today and we picked blackberries. It was really nice. I got an ice-cream bucket full. As a little treat, she gave me one of the crabs that her husband pulled out of the water just this morning. How cool is that? I boiled it up and will save it til lunch tomorrow. Fresh local crab, on a beautiful salad made from my own garden. Wow. This is what I was dreaming of when this all started.

**to update...that crab was delicious. One of the best salads I've ever had!


Mel said...

That sounds fantastic. Enjoy!

Erin said...

I will say...the crab was unbelievably yummy. Picked lettuce from my garden and a tomato and then added the fig I bought today, I wanted to see if I wanted a fig tree. I think I do!

One said...

You have that many blackberry to make jam? That's nice. I saw your raised beds in a previous post. Did you just purchase the planks and put them together?

Erin said...

I picked an ice cream bucket full. Very full. It only took us about 15 minutes. One ice cream bucket of blackberries = one batch of jam, two very full ice cube trays and a left over sandwich sized ziplock bag. I break up the fruit ice cubes, put them in a labeled freezer bag and bring them out through the winter. I use the fruit cubes in natural organic yogurt or we will treat ourselves to some good ice-cream and share a fruit cube between the two of us.
The raised beds are six inch wide spruce boards treated with Lifetime wood sealer. We stacked them two high so the beds are a foot deep. We are about to make an irregular shaped bed. That'll be a challenge.