Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pitt & Hobbs Christmas Window

Every year my family heads to the store to help Jess put together the Christmas window. We eat, laugh a lot and listen to the movie The Grinch while we work. This year we wanted to do a lovely window as a gift to all the people strolling by and our wonderful patrons. My sister and I have been feeling very nostalgic the past few years so we wanted the window and the store to reflect that. We hope you love the window as much as we loved doing it.

The Window !!
Behind the Scene !!


Thursday, November 26, 2015

I thought these skates were goners !!

These are my skates. I used them last in the 60's. We want to use them in a store display, but when we pulled them out of the crawl space my heart sank. These skates are actually in worse shape than they look here. This is mould. Thick, brown, musty smelling and gross. The leather tongue is cracking and the lining has turned to dust. I decided I had nothing to lose so I brought out my secret weapon. Bar Keepers Friend. These were my tools!
A bit of elbow grease and lace soaking this is how the skates looked right after their washing. More to follow.
The promised after picture. How cute do my old skates look in our Christmas window!


Monday, November 23, 2015

Painting a chair for the store.....

I spent this afternoon painting this chair for the store. It is for a display of sorts, but exactly what, is a secret until Saturday night. I don't know what I used to do with my spare time before my painting addiction kicked in.

After two coats of FAT Paint Cream




Monday, November 16, 2015

A cold, windy and rainy day. Perfect for changing a blog !!

You may have noticed that today I have changed the name and format of my blog. I made the decision to let this blog evolve and be about all aspects of my life and not just the gardens. All the things I love. It often drifted that way anyway, so now it's official. You will find posts about my beautiful garden, my home and store Pitt & Hobbs, cooking, painting, needle arts, my cats, friends and family. Whatever strikes my fancy. Enjoy.
Oh look, my first post is about the garden. I had a dozen of these beauties, butternuts, left in the garden. With frost this morning I knew I had to get out in the pouring rain with blasting wind to pick them. They need to finish ripening in the house. I was so cold my fingers, soaking wet through my shabby gloves, could hardly move. The butternuts made it to the deck, I pulled the spent vines into a pile and left them in the garden to rot there this winter.
I then ran to the greenhouse and watered everything. I noticed a spray of burgundy orchids about to bloom. Right on cue. I love to put them in the arrangements I make for the store for Christmas. Holly, cedar and orchids.
I put an another coat of Cream colour FAT Paint on the cute little table for the store. It will be ready to sand and distress tomorrow. Then I'll top coat and take it in. It is going to be adorable. Wait until you see what we are going to do with it.