Tuesday, October 16, 2018

I am on the mend...I even did a tiny bit of gardening today

It has been a long haul healing from a nasty shoulder fracture. It was a bad one. But...I did everything I was told by my Dr’s and did a lot of online research about things like diet and healing bones. And with my husband spending every waking hour being my hands, and feet and well, everything, I have made a great recovery. I can only lift my arm half way, and it is very painful. My whole shoulder area looks crooked and twisted, but I am not complaining. With the exception of washing my hair, I can shower, dress myself and do anything that doesn’t involve lifting my right arm. I can type again, I can pet the dog who lives behind me and that I love very much, I can pick up my cats, I can go out into public without worrying about anyone bumping my shattered shoulder. I am still careful about that, but not in panic mode. I’m back to walking a lot. I can lift a five pound weight up and down six inches or so working on building muscle in my atrophied arm. A week and a half ago, I could not lift my hand at all it was so weak. So to lift five pounds makes me feel like a power lifter!! In about three weeks, I have been cleared to drive!! That will be just over ten weeks without being able to drive! I had no idea what that would be like. I really don’t like driving usually, but I think I have a whole new outlook on that now.

Today I did a little bit of light gardening. I am on top of the world!!