Sunday, July 31, 2011

A wonderful day with my sister at garden centres and a raccoon

This isn't our raccoon,
but isn't it adorable.
My sister Jessica called me bright and early this morning (10 am) to see if I wanted to go with her to a garden centre or two. Ahhhhh, yeah. We went to Elk Lake and Marigold. Jess needed to pick up some annuals as fillers in her garden. I picked up a hardy fuchsia and a lavender. They had a lot of different varieties, so I watched the honey bees and picked their favorite.
When I got home I dug up a white primrose. It hit me that I don't really need three HUGE clumps of it.
Tonight I was getting the trash put out for tomorrow and noticed a raccoon in my neighbors front yard. It started strolling across the street like she owned the place. Out from the bushes came three more very small raccoons. Well if that wasn't the cutest thing.

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