Thursday, August 18, 2011

Zero-Mile Diet by Carolyn Herriot...a book review

The Zero Mile Diet by Carolyn Herriot is my new favorite gardening book. A great friend that I worked with at my last job, told me she LOVED this book and I needed to read it. Thank you Tammy. The book is laid out in a monthly format which I like as a new organic gardener. It keeps me on track. There is a lot of detailed growing advice on individual vegetables, fruit and berries. For example, I had no idea that raspberries and blackberries spread in completely different ways. The raspberries spread by runners, the blackberries root where the long canes touch the ground. So, where I planted them is very different than I would have, had I not known. She includes a recipe for organic fertilizer which I have posted previously. She has saved me more in fertilizer than the book cost.


Anonymous said...

What's the name of your store and where is it?

tina said...

I had no idea about the raspberries and blackberries either and I just put some in my vegetable garden. I hope they don't take over. lol Cool greenhouse.

Erin said...

Hi Dixie
My store is Dragon Horse in Sidney BC. You can find me at