Monday, January 16, 2012

Our winter compost teepee

Allan has taken mercy on me and rethought his compost tarping. Before it looked like a very tidy rectangle. The tarp was pulled so tight, it looked like it had hospital corners. This was accomplished by putting my extra pallets over each bin and then tarping over that. It looked great. What it didn't do was function great. The pallet resting on each bin prevented me from having access to stir, or add, or aerate...without bending in half. I mentioned this to him and I came home from the store the other day and looked out as I always do, and there was a teepee formed over the bins, making access easy. Thank you my dear.

As I am a compost obsessed, you know I took its temperature right? It hasn't budged. I stirred it up and it really has lots of moisture and I noticed quite a few worms this time. So, I'll just leave it much as I am capable.

Sorry about the blue tint pictures. Allan's camera has gone weird on us and I, with menopause brain, keep forgetting to bring mine home from the store.


Mark Willis said...

Stirring the compost too much can be a bad thing, Erin. It can dissipate the heat. The worms will also want to burrow right into the centre in the cold weather, and stirring the compost may disturb them too. Worms cannot survive very cold temperatures so they need a warm place to hide!

Erin said...

I will resist the urge to stir. I took the temp this past weekend and it is still not warm, but I left it alone. I'm glad. It's been zero all day today and snowing a bit. It is about 60 degrees in the middle of the pile so a nice temperature for the worms. I'll leave them be. I will check the temperature now and again though. I can't help myself.