Monday, March 19, 2012

A busy day...planting...fertilizing...

Imagine my delight. This morning I went to the greenhouse to set up for planting a few cauliflower seeds in the tray, and I noticed something green. Put my glasses on, and yes, I have several tiny Amish Paste tomato plants. I have never grown vegetables from seed, so they are my first. Brenda mentioned that I need to get a grow light or they will become leggy. I wasn't sure about seeding in a greenhouse, it terms of light requirements, so I'll just bite the bullet and get a light.
I then planted some white onion bulbs in the garlic bed.
Last but not least, I planted ten Jersey Knight Asparagus in the lasagna bed in two rows. Approximately half the bed will be asparagus. So now we hurry up and wait. About three years I hear.

Newly planted rows of asparagus
I took about half a pail of my organic fertilizer and put some around the fruit trees and plants that are actively growing. It takes about a month for it to break down and become food. I think tomorrow I'll give the fruit trees some fish emulsion fertilizer so they will have food immediately.

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