Monday, June 03, 2013

The Blueberry Walk. Almost done.

My weekend consisted of two hot sunny days. How lucky am I. Today I went out at about 11 am. I came inside at about 2 to use the washroom and bring out a big glass of water. I worked outside until about 6. It was then that I realized I hadn't had lunch. My big must do project for the weekend was get the blueberry walk ready. I had two large bushes to plant. Then I am going to get a few smaller sized ones to fill it. If you remember the walkway had to be moved which exposed some of the blueberries roots. I used straw to shade the roots and keep them moist. The topsoil and bark mulch has taken care of that. 

Here is a before of the walk. Note the straw and grass.

 Here with mulch and grass weed-whacked and vinegar treatment.

And lastly. The finished result. Well almost anyway. I need to put in the smaller blueberries and then mound them with mulch. 

Ta da!! 

Tomorrow, more pictures of my day in the sun,

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Joan said...

Looking good!