Friday, September 06, 2013

Moved the Spanish Lavender to bring bees to the greenhouse.

I had a huge Spanish Lavender in a very large clay pot. The pot has started to disintegrate. So I got it out and planted it on the front left of the greenhouse. Behind the door and next to the last Blueberry in the blueberry walk. Nothing like digging holes in our clay in the middle of the summer. 

I am pretty obsessed with bees and pollination. Last year was a real struggle. Nothing was pollinated so I had to hand pollinate everything. I used a feather. So last fall I planted lots of lavender. I selected locations that had vegetables needing pollination. The plant that draws the most bees is an English Lavender I believe. The problem with it is the stems get so long the whole plant leans over the sidewalk and takes up about three feet. Right over the whole sidewalk! I had started babies from it, so today I dug those out and when the parent is finished blooming I will dig her out as well. I have taken cuttings from others to take their place. 

The bricks are weighting the plant. It is very top heavy and was toppling. 

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