Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Kombucha and Scoby Hotel

You know I love Kombucha. I thought I would share a picture of my latest bottling with you. On the right is my latest bottle with Black Cherry. 

On the left is my Scoby Hotel. I don't keep it on the window ledge, it was just easier to see. A Scoby hotel is a jar or bottle of Kombucha that you just leave on the counter. Every now and then something goes wrong with a batch of Kombucha. Like my two batches with mold last year. The entire batch including the Scoby must be thrown out, so if you don't have a Scoby somewhere, you are back to square one. I was lucky in that I just got to start fresh again. One also likes to share a Scoby with a friend now and then.

Look at all the little bubbles in my freshly poured bottle. How beautiful is that. 

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