Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Back to Eden Garden...Part 4...preparing for the wood chips and spreading wood chips

The backhoe could not reach every spot around the fence, so I am doing it manually with a shovel, gloves, trowel, pruners and brute strength. This one strip was particularly difficult. It was the garden you see here.

There was a tough black barrier of some sort along the fence that had an invasive bicolour plant (no idea what it is) growing over and under the barrier, trapping it in the root system. The roots needed to come out as it will just spread into the garden again. There were a couple of railway ties and boards along the fence, but mostly buried, a lot of large granite rocks, some shells and odds and ends. It was bloody hard work. But I found a treasure. This lovely 12X14 rock was unearthed. The part of the rock that is green is all that was sticking out of the soil. I had no idea how huge and heavy it would be. Bloody heavy!! I love the shape and will put it somewhere where it can just be beautiful.

Isn't it beautiful.
We needed a bit more manure to fill in the last of the garden.
Scotty's Tree Service dropped a load of wood chips for us. They are awesome.
The wood chips going down on the manure.
The wood chip pile steaming already.
It is cooler today and we are expecting the rain to start tomorrow. Mark did not want to be moving manure in the rain and then driving all over it. Wood chips can take it but not the manure. Makes sense doesn't it! He was more aware of things like that than I was. It really was a collaboration. It was wonderful to work with someone who 'gets' the vision and then added so much to it. He really kept me on track. I tend to do a lot of stopping and admiring when I work alone.
Check out the fog.
Allan cleaning out the gutters.
Wood chips moving in and Allan on the roof cleaning the gutters. Still.
What you can't see is me running around with a rake smoothing everything down. The next step is a thin layer of manure on top. That happens in the morning.


It would have taken me all day to spread the chips out over the back yard. Maybe two days.

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