Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Silver polishing can be therapeutic...and has nothing to do with gardening

Of course at this time of year there is no gardening going on here. So, just to keep things interesting for you, I may do some totally random posts during garden downtime. Tonight I made soy tealights for the store but last night I polished silver. Hadn't done it for years. It felt really good to be polishing off black tarnish and seeing it shine. I found it very relaxing. Enjoy.

This little dish and silverware set belong to my son Noel. He is 33 now so it was especially nostalgic to be polishing his little baby sized pieces. I had completely forgotten that I had his initials engraved into the end of each. If you look close you can see the NG. We had a wonderful silver company in Victoria called Jefferies. They did it for me. 

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