Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cosmos planting and Sorrel moved to a perfect spot.

My first job in the yard this weekend was planting six Cosmos starts. I love cosmos. I am going to sprinkle seeds too. Then I dug up a Garden Sorrel that was originally along the back fence in deep shade and under a Cyprus 'Hedge'. It would have very limited water and no nutrients, because the hedge was massive. It came out pretty easily and I moved it into the garden next door in the sun and in the bed along the house. I am anxious to make a batch of sorrel soup. Yummm.

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Caro said...

I tried sorrel for the first time last week - it was delicious! I'm now going to have to find a space for some in the veg patch. I need a bigger garden! I love the little label you've used, btw. I need something subtle like that for my herbs because I want to encourage my neighbours to pick herbs from the veg patch.