Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wrapping gifts in an old fashioned way

As you know I have a nostalgic way of approaching the holidays. I like homemade Shortbread, the Fudge I've been making every Christmas for 48 years, bottle brush wreaths and trees, candles, my parents old German Glass ornaments, my beautiful tree, Christmas Eve at my sisters where the whole family exchanges gifts and then Christmas Dinner at our house. A very traditional turkey dinner. I love it.
This year I decided to use a basic and old fashioned way of wrapping my gifts. I found some lovely red embossed paper. I then tied a simple bow in green in the gifts. Of course you can't tell from a photo, but this ribbon is exquisite. It is bright, thick and as soft as silk. It is stunning. So if people want to, they can use it for something else when the gifts are opened. Like tying up a stack of letters from a much loved grandmother.


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Linda said...

I love packages tied with ribbon, and I do save it and reuse it or use it for another project. We still have a couple of old price tags on things, an old tree stand and our original Christmas tree fro Eaton's. Wonderful memories.