Saturday, January 14, 2017

Pink Wedgwood Embossed Queensware...

I wish my mother could have seen my face when I opened these gifts. As you know, my mother is a thrifting wizard. She has amazing timing and instinct. When I went to her place for coffee one day, these beautiful candlesticks and dish were on her counter. I almost fell over. So I shrieked at a pitch only a dog could hear... "OH MY GOD MOM, WHERE DID YOU GET THE PINK WEDGWOOD?!" Mom-"At the thrift shop". Me-"How much were they?" Mom-"The dish was $20.00 and the candlesticks were $20.00 for the pair." So, if my mother wanted to, she could be a very wealthy woman. She has a gift.


My mothers gift worked so much in my favour this Christmas, in the form of a 'gift'. No, two gifts. I opened my Christmas present from her and was thrilled to see the candlesticks. I could have cried. She came bearing another gift when she came over for dinner. I thought that was so sweet. I am pretty sure my gasp was audible. It was the pink bowl. They will be placed right out where I can see them all the time. They are more special to me than I can say.


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