Sunday, May 21, 2017

I cannot believe I found these at my favourite Consignment Store

I spent time this past weekend with my sister and mom. Mother's Day you know. One of our stops was my favourite Consignment Store. I could not believe what we found!! You know how I love my Crystal. Remember my Christmas post about washing and polishing my crystal for my big family Christmas dinner? It is 39 years old and at Christmas I wished I had enough wine glasses for everyone. That would be eight. I only had four. My sister spotted my crystal at the Consignment Store There were twelve wine glasses and they don't look like they have ever been used. I exercised restraint and only got six. I love to clean, so I spent a bit of time yesterday washing and drying them until they sparkled.


This is my 36 year old clock. It has not been working for the last twenty years or so, so I finally took it in and had it serviced, cleaned and oiled. It is a wind up clock, so this should be done regularly. Now I know. I cannot believe how much I missed it. The wonderful tick tock tick tock......and the bonging every half hour. It has great sentimental value and I just love it.


And at the end of a busy day, I sat down with a glass of wine in my beautiful crystal. new motto...Use the Good Stuff!!


Linda said...

Such a wonderful find at the consignment store.

Pam's English Garden said...

You are so clever at finding lovely bargains, Erin. My husband is pretty good at it, too. He just found a beautiful English willow pattern dinner service -- very cheap. I'm not that talented, but just enjoy his finds. Enjoy yours! P. x