Monday, June 26, 2017

Trying this new coconut coir mulch

I saw some of this beautiful mulch on neighbour Judy's blueberries. She told me what and where, so I got a block of it today. I hydrated it in the wheelbarrow and spread it on the tomato bed. I will let you know how it works as a mulch compared to wood chips. Doesn't it look nice though.

It starts out like a small brick like this...About a foot square.


Unknown said...

I had seen this also and wondered about it. I definitely want to hear what you think about it. It looks much easier to use then lugging twenty pound bags of mulch.

MJ is adorable. Every garden needs a cat.

Erin said...

Hi Judy. I will definitely update the mulch post. I have a very large garden so it wouldn't be affordable to do them all, but selectively will work.
MJ is adorable. It is so soothing to be followed around all day again.