Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Dug out my two very dead raspberries

One very dead raspberry
I have given up on my two Meeker Raspberries. Sad. Interestingly though, when I dug them out, the soil or roots smelled rotten. Just yucky. Over last winter the new topsoil seemed to compact and get dense. So I'm going to get some sand** and of course amendments, to dig in and loosen up the soil. Then I'll try again. Change is good. I went to the Sidney market to get some of Dan's Farm raspberries. Yup still delicious. I am going back to the farm on the weekend to get more fruit and veg.

 **Erica at Northwest Edible Life told me that when you add sand to clay in the pacific northwest, the rain comes and you end up with something resembling concrete. She advised me to add compost or manure and mix in instead of sand. I would have added a lot of sand and made concrete. Erica is a brilliant blogger. Her information is sound and always brilliant. I highly recommend that you read it. You'll find her at:

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