Monday, April 08, 2013

Finding zen in the garden...doing very hard work.

I spent the day dodging the pouring rain and spreading alpaca manure. I would make a decision about the manure placement. Start shoveling. It would start to pour. I would dash into the greenhouse. Close the door. And breathe the nice, warm, moist air. Have a look at the eight little cauliflowers that have popped through the surface of the soil under the lights. And marvel at the beauty and magnificence of nature. A little seed. I put it in dirt. It not only turns into a provides me with food. And then the rain would stop. I snap out of it, and head back out to shovel {let's just call a spade a spade} shit. And then the miracle that is alpaca poop astounds me. I put this beautiful poop on my soil, it feeds my plants and they immediately become lush and abundant. Then the miracle....they feed and nourish us.
And there are people who don't see gardening as the ultimate zen experience? Pity.

Alpaca Beans all over the strawberry bed.


Andrea said...

Oh i miss gardening, as the heat and humidity this time of year limits our stay outside. The very few long weekends i get are spent at the least, in the terrace, with roof because it is searing hot at 36C. The plants are scorched and some die, others are still suffering.

Erin said...
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Erin said...

Andrea, it's funny, we don't even think about the heat. In Canada we are all so concerned about the cold and how short the season is...we don't even consider that there are people with the exact opposite problem. We have had a very mild winter so things are way ahead of where they usually are, so we may have a good gardening season. Yay.

Mark Willis said...

I agree with you, Erin. I find gardening very therapeutic. Whilst engaged in it I can de-stress and forget about my other worries. Having said that, gardening is full of challenges, isn't it? Raising plants despite the vagaries of the weather is certainly chief amongst those!