Sunday, April 21, 2013

I am exhausted...but so happy to have the seeding done.

Yesterday I planted in the sun and the pouring rain. Allan helped me get the Ambrosia Apple tree in. I made a mixture of compost, alpaca manure and bone meal for the planting mixture. I planted it between the two dwarf apple trees which are tied up to rebar. I am going to string some strong wire between the rebar and espalier the Ambrosia type Apple tree.
Then I moved on to the raised beds. I planted carrots, beets, radishes and sunflowers. I planted some kale in flats in the greenhouse.

Notice the height of the garlic compared to my shovel. I LOVE garlic. In the background are the newly planted beds. It was gloriously beautiful out today.


Joan said...

Lucky you! This year has been much cooler than usual so I haven't been planting yet. It went down to -5°C two nights ago. Hope my fruit blossoms are okay.

Erin said...

Jeez, -5 degrees. Wow. I hope your blossoms are okay too.