Monday, September 16, 2013

Hedge from hell.

The trunk of this 'tree' is a foot across. That is me looking pretty disgusted with it. This 'hedge' was planted about 25 years ago. It is Leylandii Cyprus which is sold in this area as a hedge tree that will grow super fast. Yeah. Because it grows into a full grown tree in a few years. My tree guy Scott said that if not pruned, these trees can grow to 70 feet tall and 70 feet across. And they are sold as hedge trees? We have branches coming out of the hedge on our side that are eight inches across. So it requires a chain saw to prune, or a whole lot of money to have a tree service do it. Even though we cut the bottom 12-15 feet back to the trunk, it didn't really improve the shade factor much as it is still hanging about 8 feet over the property line at the height that we couldn't reach with an extension ladder. 

I think my sister just wanted a garden fashion shot. 
'Just look over there and...yes that's it!!... I got it, I got it.... perfect!'

This is me by the same tree. I am almost six feet tall. Do the math and you can see that this monstrosity is a sun sucking behemoth. 

Dead stuff in the hedge. 


Gardeningbren said... see the comparison of you standing by the 'hedge' is amazing. Am I hearing you want that hedge gone? I know I would.

Nice modelling btw ;-)

Erin said...

Well, thank you. I think I missed my calling. Aging fashion model. :-)
I would LOVE the hedge gone. It is a menace on so many levels. At this time of year, we don't get sun in the yard again until spring.
I would love a normal hedge. Even 8-10 feet would be fine.
One of the real downsides of living in a residential area. You really are at your neighbours mercy.

Joan said...

Wow! I can imagine why you want it gone! A hedge should be green at eye level! That must be a giraffe hedge. ;)

Erin said...

Can you imagine!? We bought this house in the 70s because it had the largest south facing back yard of the 100 houses in the development. For gardens. Today, we got NO sun in the back yard at all...just right up at the house. Arghhhhhh.

Diana Studer said...

perhaps you'll get new neighbours one day? Who will chop it down?

Erin said...

Hi Diana. I can dream. I think if I saw a for sale sign, I'd take a chain saw to it!!!