Monday, October 07, 2013

Christmas greenery in the yard...

    Pretty scrawny at this point. It is lusher and prettier now. 

Shortly after buying this house in 1979, I planted a holly tree. I love Christmas and all the natural greenery that goes with it. Shortly after that one of my neighbors at the back, planted a cedar hedge along our property. About the time the holly was getting big enough to cut, I saw a picture in Victoria Magazine of a floral arrangement that included variegated holly. I went looking for one. I found a nice sized plant at Marigold Nursery. It was about 2, maybe 2.5 feet tall. I put it in the ground in a shadyish area. It grew slowly to about 4 feet tall and just stopped. It didn't really grow much for about 18 years. The berries were few and far between when there were berries. I considered removing it. I'm so glad I didn't. About 5 years ago I gave it a bath and good watering of fertilizer and it started to grow. It is beautiful and with the pruning last year, I'm quite smitten with it. It is delightful at Christmas. I tuck holly into wreaths and arrangements. I always take some to the store. It is wonderful to be able to walk around my yard with pruners and cut all the holly and cedar that I want. There is enough for my whole family. Merry Christmas!!

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