Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Emptied Compost Bin #1

We just returned yesterday from Seattle. It was glorious. We had to track down a Starbucks.....because we were in Seattle. We did and we partook. I was too tired to do any real gardening but spent a bit of fun time in the yard. 

Today was another story. It was supposed to be rainy...it wasn't, it was wonderful. I emptied the compost out of bin one. It was raunchy looking, a bit rough, but I spread it anyway. I decided to put it in the lettuce bed in the greenhouse rather than outside where the nutrients would leach away. 

I took out every other alpine strawberry. They were just crammed in there. I must stop planting things so close together. You can see that I spread a bit of the compost and horse manure in the raspberry, kale and strawberry bed. 

 Yard fashion shot. The gorgeous blueberries turning bright red and Beamer the gardening cat.

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