Monday, March 02, 2015

Dwarf fruit tree mini-orchard has been planted

Today Allan and I planted eight fruit trees. Six planted next door and two in our yard. In our yard we planted a Frost Peach tree on our south facing wall and a Methley (Japanese) Plum in our yard to pollinate the Shiro. 

Next door we planted Apples on M26 root stock. 

             Cox's Orange Pippin
             Early Pink Lady (aka Maslin) 

I also put a Frost Peach on the back wall of the house house next door. When we bring down the Fir tree I will put the Halls almond tree in its place. 

I have a spare Honeycrisp Apple to plant. I have buried the roots of the almond and Apple in wood chips until I can get them planted. 


Pam's English Garden said...

Wow! An excellent orchard, Erin. We have an ancient orchard on the property which produces apples and pears for the deer, but none for us. I haven't tried growing fruit trees -- seems to be quite an art. P. x

Erin said...

We are lucky to live where fruit trees grow quite easily. Except peaches. Because of our mild wet winters you get leaf curl.

Alison said...

frost peach tree!!! hmmmm.

sheila said...

Hi! We met yesterday at Buckerfields. Where did you buy your fruit trees? I've been perusing the selection at Saltspring Island Apples. It's incredible - I wish I had ten acres so I could get one of each!

Erin said...

Hi Sheila. I got all of my dwarf fruit trees from Fruit Trees and More on Wain Road just north of Sidney. Bob Duncan is a wealth of knowledge. I also bought my citrus trees from him.