Friday, April 24, 2015

Chore list for the weekend

I had a super busy weekend!! I'm surprised that I got as much done as I did. Here is my to do list. I will update it as I go. 

Seed flats of:
Squash - DONE

Reseed beets - DONE
Plant the 5 new lavender Hidcote's
Transplant mint, oregano and chocolate mint - DONE
Rake up dead twigs that have fallen - DONE
Plant and stake almond - DONE
Plant and stake last Apple - DONE
Plant the fig where the Fir tree was - Did some reading and a fig should not go that close to the house either, so it's off the to do list. NOT DOING
Remove the cool bench. DONE
Put the spare Tulameen raspberry in a pot in case we need it. DONE
Put the Bay plant in a larger pot - DONE
Clean the entryway - DONE
Pull the Lily of the Valley - DONE
Buckerfields for Wildflower Seeds - DONE

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