Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Front garden taking shape

The front garden is pretty much done. The plants just need to mature and flower. Hydrangea Nikko. They are such a beautiful blue. I cannot wait to see flowers. Amanda and I moved mulch and wood chips into the front garden to finish it off. Next we planted a perennial fuchsia. 

I bought a plant about 30 years ago that I grew in a hanging basket and I just stuck in the garden when it was fading. I have no idea why. It was supposed to be an annual, but it is still growing every year. I took several cuttings in the fall and that is the plant we are planting. All we needed was a lovely hosta to finish off the garden. Mission accomplished. My choice was Winter Snow. Right size, right colour. It will be lovely. For now it is tiny, about 8" tall. can you even see it??

What the hydrangea looks like now. 

What it will look like!!

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