Saturday, September 10, 2016

Greenhouse levelled and manure moved in

The new addition/citrus house is looking amazing. The ground was very uneven in there after the foundation install. We have had a very dry summer so the soil/clay is packed very hard. I took an afternoon and raked it out level. Then moved in two nice big wheelbarrows of manure. I levelled it and then made a path to the door. Now I just need to see if we can get the citrus trees into the ground or will the tree roots stop us. If not, they will be moved pots and all into the addition. Isn't the chair hilarious. I always wanted a chair in the greenhouse, so until the citrus goes in, I have a chair. Tiny and plastic.....but it's a chair!!!!


DL said...

I love the chair! And love what you are doing!!!

Erin said...

I really splurged on the chair. I thought I should class the place up a's actually one of the chairs we used when we had classes in the store!!