Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let the sun shine, let the sun shine in

The roof before
I was in the greenhouse enjoying the plants, listening to the rain on the roof and keeping a lookout for slugs. Didn't see a single one. Years ago, all I grew in the greenhouse was orchids. It was lovely, but without using a LOT of power heating, cooling, shading, venting, fanning....you get the idea. It was a single paned greenhouse, with gaps and not totally successful. One of the shading techniques I learned was to paint the glass roof with white paint. You still get a lot of light, but filtered. It has really thinned over the 25 years. I reached up and touched it tonight and discovered that it is a powder now. I could wipe a clean spot with my finger. OMG. I ran into the house, filled a bowl with natural soap and water and started washing the glass. I got about 3/4 way done the one side. It was quite milky, so I went back inside and got my homemade natural window cleaner and, yes, paper towels so I could dispose of them. I felt guilt. I can't believe how much brighter it looks even at this time of night. I do hope that the tomatoes like it and don't scorch. I'll finish it tomorrow and then Allan can install his tomato hanging bar!!

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