Wednesday, July 06, 2011

So an abandoned wood pile is good thing

The Snowberries are the bushes on the
right of the greenhouse. The woodpile
is behind them.
I was reading about having a pile of wood or logs to create a habitat for snakes and other wildlife. Behind the greenhouse and under the twenty foot hedge, we had a small pile of wood that was the trunk of a small tree we took out at least ten years ago. So tonight I thought, I should move the little wood pile over beside the 'wild area' I created about twenty years ago. A friend was moving and they had acres of forest and natural plantings. I asked if I could have a few Snowberry bushes. So we dug out three. They were smallish, maybe three to four feet tall. I just put them around my birch tree, behind the greenhouse. I put a bark mulch path through them. Over time the path was completely overgrown and abandoned. The bushes are now about ten feet high. I got on my knees to look through the snowberry bushes and it truly is a wild area. There is no trace of the old lawn and you can see where years of cats and raccoons have walked. It is amazing. Turning a small bit of yard back to nature is a good thing.

Back to the wood pile. I picked up two of the branch or trunk pieces. I noticed that it wasn't just logs. Over the years the hedge had dropped tiny twigs and lots of pieces of evergreen. The pile was full of 'natural stuff'. I put the wood back on the pile and put my gloves away. There are more of these types of logs under my deck. I plan to get them out and pile them onto the pile. Nothing gives me more pleasure than thinking that I could help create an animal habitat.

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