Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter gardening.

Easter weekend involved a lot of gardening and food. My first project was planting some more seeds. I planted basil, White Custard Pattypan squash (thank you Brenda), Speckles lettuce and Frijol beans. It was so easy with the new setup in the shed. Wow.

Then I got out the huge green pot that was involved in this story, and cleaned it up. I got the Meyer Lemon out of the greenhouse and dragged two large bags of potting soil out of the shed. It took almost the whole two bags. Wow. I hope the lemon will be very happy in its new home. I took it back to the greenhouse.
My next project for today was planting the six new strawberry plants. I tucked a little bit of compost around each plant. It was the first time I've ever used my own compost. It was wonderful. Compost is good.
After two hours in the yard, I put on some bright Easter colours and headed to my sister's place for dinner. As usual they truly outdid themselves. They are amazing cooks. Thank you Jess and Pat. Happy Easter everyone.


Mark Willis said...

Gardening and food. Bliss. What more could you want? (Good weather + good company?)

Erin said... was one of those perfect days!!