Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The microwave oven is leaving. Yayyy.

I have heard too many horror stories about microwave ovens. I just think they are a bad idea. It took me a while to gently get my husband on board. He has discovered that food tastes better oven warmed. Almost killed myself getting it down off a highish shelf that sits at about six feet. I was at the house alone and no ladder. Wow. That was close. Got the job done though, no worries. That gave me another shelf in this very small kitchen. A place to put the glass containers I've been switching everything over to. Isn't that wonderful. I think it looks really cool.

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Mark Willis said...

Well done. We used to have a microwave oven, but ditched it some years ago. It's not missed! Microwaves are for "Fast Food" which is usually junk.