Monday, February 18, 2013

Black Currant. Red Currant. Chilean Guava. All planted.

Chilean Guava..cut it back to round even though we may not get
guavas this year. I have a bag in the freezer for jam.
I've been outside for hours. I planted my black currant, red currant and Chilean Guava. Finally. I have been grappling with the placement of the currants for over a year. They were an impulse buy. I've never tasted a currant and had no plan as to where they would go. Does everyone garden that way?!

Black Currant beside guava and greenhouse.
I am determined to be more organzied in my my garden. That said...last week I bought a cranberry with no idea where it would go. At least I had tasted a cranberry and know I would use them to make sauce.
Red Currant in lawn, near greenhouse and hopefully will provide
root shade for the long suffering Japanese Maples.


lizabetty said...

Erin, Where are you exactly? I assumed that you would be under snow like we are still but I see green grass!! Well, I do have green here, but it's in the green house. LOL. Can't wait to see all the lovely berries on your you have gooseberries? That might make a nice add to your garden. They are as wonderful as currents.

Erin said...

Hi lizabetty. I am on Vancouver island off the west coast of Canada. We have not had any snow this year. We usually get a small amount once or twice per winter. Our weather is similar to the Pacific Northwest if you are in the US. Pretty mild, it does go below zero Celcius, but not by a lot. Where are you located that you are under snow?

lizabetty said...

I am in Wyoming....Beth from FB =)