Monday, June 16, 2014

Chased down a tree chipper....and now the wood chips are spread around my yard.

I heard the familiar whine of a tree chipper this morning. I quickly had a shower, got dressed and went out to explore. I found the tree service on our street. Down around the corner. I headed right over and found the owner...."so....what are ya gonna do with the wood chips? Any chance I could have them?" I'll be darned...a full six yards of wood chips dumped in my driveway. It took a LOT of shovelling and wheel barrows full to move it around the yard where it needed to go. I'd say about 50 wheel barrows full. Then to spread them. I am utterly exhausted! 

Thank you Scotty Tree Service!! I appreciate it more than I can say.

The fruits of my labour. Wraps back to the shed and the whole front garden is about six inches deeper than yesterday morning. The blueberries are well piled with chips. They are going to love it.

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Mark Willis said...

A very good piece of "opportunism"!