Friday, June 13, 2014

Front yard vegetable gardens. What a great idea!!

In cities and towns everywhere, people are ripping up their yards, both front and back. They are bringing in compost, manure and mulch....and now and then running afoul of bylaws and their enforcement. This garden is in Drummonville Quebec. It is exquisite, but bylaw enforcement ordered it removed. Long story short, they protested and went public. Gardeners from all over the world wrote letters of support for the front yard gardeners. The city backtracked and eventually decided to rewrite the bylaws and asked the homeowners to participate. Way to go Drummondville!



    Completed. Isn't it lovely. 

    And one more illegal garden. This one in Florida. 


Mark Willis said...

I find it ludicrous that byelaws should differentiate between flowers and veg. Crazy. What is the logic of allowing flowers but not vegetables?

Powell River Books said...

Unfortunately, some cities won't allow it. But you can always squeeze a few edibles in among the decorative foliage. Our city does allow gardening, and chickens in some places. - Margy

Erin said...

Trying to get chickens 'decriminalized' over here in Sidney!!

Erin said...

Have this never happened in the UK Mark?