Monday, June 29, 2015

Clematis Elsa Spath

              Elsa Spath Clematis    {This is not my plant}

I am in love with purple Clematis. I started looking when I saw they were flowering at garden centres. Marigold Nursury had a lovely selection of clematis about a month ago. The purple flower on the Elsa Spath Clematis was so spectacular, I knew I had my flower. I have been unsure where to plant it. My Mom dropped by for a garden tour today and we were chatting about where it could go. Ta Da. Snugged right between the Fallgold Rasperry bed and the compost bins. It is completely shaded, but when it's head pops up over the fence level, the top will be in full sun. PERFECT. Cool feet, hot head. 

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Pam's English Garden said...

I love clematis, too, Erin. My 'Tie-Die' is my favorite. It is in full bloom right now and a star of the garden. Yours is lovely. P. x