Saturday, June 20, 2015

Food Forest Step 1...creating paths.

The first step in the new food forest was roughing in paths with my hoe. I just walked around the yard as if moving through the garden from one area to the next, dragging the hoe to mark where and how I needed access. Then I used my rake and etched in narrow paths. When I had them arranged the way I wanted them, I used my rake to carve the paths into the wood chips. I left a fine layer of wood chips that will be much easier to walk on than the previous deep and chunky chips. I then created islands in the paths so that there are areas of high use that you can move freely little pathway patios. I then cleared a path around each of the raised beds so that access and walking will be easier. 

One of the pathway 'patio's'. You can see that there is a large area in front of the greenhouse so the coming and going doesn't happen on narrow paths. You can see the garden starting to take shape. 

There are a LOT of grass clumps that need to come out, so I am doing it as I work a section. I have pulled 1 1/2 large garbage cans of grass. I thought about moving wood chips and putting newspaper under the chips like I should have in the first place. Then I realized it would probably be a lot faster to just pull it. 

Here is another picture of NW Edible Life food forest inspiration!!

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