Monday, July 04, 2011

Lee Valley....yum

Allan and I took a trip to Lee Valley and Home Depot for supplies. I bought a set of Lee Valley Deep Root Seed Starters. I read about them in a lot of sites and blogs. I'll let you know what I think. Got potting soil and some PVC pipe to make little spray chambers for weed spraying with vinegar. I got a large container of fish fertilizer. The price was the same as Marigold Nursery. I'll buy there from now on. I like to shop local.
We were really looking for decking made of plastic composite boards. They are for the potting bench in the greenhouse. Rona had none and Home Depot only has it by special order. Bizarre. Allan wants to try Slegg in Sidney. Wouldn't that be a riot if it were available a mile away and we went all the way to Langford.

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