Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Slugs are under control and trees are ready to go

Two of the few remaining trees
It seems that I finally have the slugs under control. The last wave of baby basil are now about two inches tall and just mildly nibbled instead of inhaled by slugs. There are probably a couple wee guys left, but I imagine there always will be. It feels good to have managed the problem without the use of anything unnatural. I am guessing now that there were probably hundreds of them in the greenhouse.
Allan is getting ready to leave tomorrow for the annual Salt Spring Fly In. It is an annual competition of both hang-glider pilots and paragliders. Allan and his friends actually put it on, bringing all the food and food equipment such as our new BBQ. I hope they enjoy it! In spite of all of his busy-ness today, he helped me dig up some trees that were just planted this spring. What a trooper he is. Tomorrow morning they are going to their new home. I'm glad we just bit the bullet and did it. I get very attached to plants and I could have stalled until the poor things expired.
I didn't go to the store today. I spent the whole day puttering. I made a batch of my Butter Pecan Muffins. I enjoyed the sun.

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