Friday, July 22, 2011

Warm weather on the way...shade cloth

My sister is having a family BBQ tomorrow she is so certain that it will be warm. That's good enough for me. There is real gardening weather on the way.
Last night I tacked the shade cloth up in the greenhouse. I just pulled it tight and looped it onto the bolts. It brought the temperature down to 30C or so today. I have moved the lavender cuttings and newly planted divisions of a gorgeous peony, outside the greenhouse and in the shade of the snowberries. Much cooler there. Easier on them.
I have been watching YouTube videos on planting fruit trees to get ideas. When I narrow it down, I will post the videos here. There are so many.
Oh jeeps, having a hot flash.

I'm back. I was just telling my blogging buddy Natalie, that tonight Allan and I had our first ever salad courtesy of our own garden. It was a wonderful feeling. Today, I went to Home Hardware and bought a canner. I haven't canned anything for about thirty years. I am SO excited...I'm going to make raspberry jam this weekend.

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