Sunday, July 10, 2011

A supportive husband is a wonderful thing when it comes to urban homesteading

Pot of basil from Thrifty's
Tonight I was in the greenhouse watering in my newly planted basil. Yes, I have cried uncle and given up on the seeding. Karen was telling me that she just buys a $5.99 large pot of basil from Thrifty Foods in Sidney, divides them up and uses then as bedding plants. I have heard that basil doesn't transplant well, but Karen said it isn't a problem for her. I bought one and bashed the plants out of the pot and started breaking the roots apart and planted little tufts of plants. Probably six little plants per chunk planted.
While I was in the greenhouse, Allan came in and was showing me some strong tubing he got from his....I dunno, where does a husband get a long length of metal tubing. I've never seen it before and we live in a 1300 sf house. It's not like we live in The Bill Gates Estate. Where does this stuff come from?!....I digress. Allan brings this lovely metal tubing into the greenhouse and asks if it would work as the bar I need affixed to the roof from which I will suspend the very heavy tomato fruits. It will be perfect. I have every intention of having a very heavy crop.

Six by three feet of basil plants. Let the
munching commence!

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