Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Found a new home for some trees

I have several trees that have been planted in the meditation garden that are not doing well. They are in the full sun and they don't like it. Some Japanese Maples can take sun and some can't. The ones that I have that can't are really showing the strain. So I am re-homing a few trees. They are going to an acreage, so the conditions will be much more suitable. It is going to make more room for next years vegetable garden as well. I'm going to put in an oval strawberry garden in front of the crescent of maples. I think it will look incredible. The original plan was to have a sitting area, but Allan built a beautiful deck last year that is so comfortable, with a fountain, and wicker furniture, and plants, and potted maples and....a huge umbrella for hot days. It's perfect.

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