Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Pictures on the way

My garden starting to grow.
Slowly but surely.
I am unable to load pictures to this blog from my ipad, so there is always a delay between writing the post and getting to the store and adding the pictures. I took my wonderful point-click to the yard and took lots of pictures today. Just a tip. If you are looking for an amazing camera that takes fantastic pictures and will do macro without any special settings or anything...Panasonic Lumix. When on vacation, I set it on 3000x4000, the largest size, which my son says is ridiculous and I could do poster sized pics, but I am constantly amazed at the quality I get. There you go, my tip for the day.
I read somewhere that the book Mes Confitures by Christine Ferber is a great book of jams and jellies. I had to order my copy online as it's not a book available in Canada. I have a list of about a dozen books to order from my book suppliers through the store. I am lucky I can get them all wholesale. I will review them here as I use them.

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