Saturday, July 23, 2011

More dragonflies than ever before

Not my photo, but it looked like this!
I have heard that dragonflies are an indicator of how healthy the environment is. I was looking out my bedroom window this morning, and I was shocked at how many there were. I could see five or six at any given time. They were buzzing and dive bombing. It was amazing.

I live near Reay Creek. When I first moved to our house in 1979 about 4 am in the summer the air would be loud with tree frogs and birds. It was like being in a jungle. I would even get up sometimes and go stand on the deck and listen. It really was astounding. It must have slowly decreased over time, because it just hit me one day a couple years ago, that I don't wake up to that beautiful noise any more. I know that frogs are also an indicator of a healthy environment......I do believe that at one point there was a spill of something toxic in Reay Creek. Obvious conclusion. Everything is so interconnected and precious and fragile....

One step at a time. I am joyous about the dragonflies and that they see fit to visit my yard!

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