Sunday, July 03, 2011

Showing off the greenhouse

Today my family came over to go over some paperwork. Mom and Dad are buying a place nearby. Yayyyy. It was so much fun to show everyone the greenhouse. I am so happy with how it looks. Tomorrow Allan and I are going out to Home Depot to look for supplies. I need plastic wood for the greenhouse benches, some kelp or fish emulsion fertilizer, potting mix and a flat or two from Lee Valley. They have wonderful deep seed trays.
I planted my Purple Berry bush in the flower bed. Dug up some daffodils in the process. I imagine in the relocation, I'll accidentally dig something else up!! Murphys Law. I replanted the row of basil in the veggie patch with lettuce. The basil just wouldn't grow there. Replanted a missing piece of the spinach row. It's my cats favorite place to lie.
I finally tried some asparagus. I felt like I should in that I've planted some. It is delicious. A little olive oil, salt and pepper and grilled on the BBQ. It is awesome.
Went over to chat with my neighbor Lance. I asked him how he would feel about my having a beehive. He thinks it would be a great idea. I'll check with the town and make sure it's okay. If it is, I'm going to do it next spring when the timing is best. It was Lance's veggie garden that gave me the idea to build a garden above the lawn. He has amended his for so long it's about a foot above the lawn. So I thought I could just fast forward the process by piling layers of soil, compost, manure etc. After it was all done and I felt so clever, I read Zero-Mile Diet and found out that it's called Lasagna Gardening. So with my next veggie patch, I would do it her way. Just a more intensely rich blend. I am going to put a sign on the store window asking for any manure donations.
It was a lovely hot day in the yard and on the deck with the family. Life is good.

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