Friday, July 08, 2011

Slugs 2......Erin 0

My greenhouse fan was running when I got up so I trundled out in my robe and slippers to open up the greenhouse. I was about half way to the back and I almost walked into a white stick hanging on a thread of spider web. I knocked it down and opened the louvers. I bent down to inspect stick, and even without my glasses I could see the antlers. How the hell did a slug get up that high and how did it become a hanging stick. I really thought I'd seen it all. On my way out I spotted another on the hot dry concrete floor. I scooped them both up with my trowel, and moved them to my damp flower garden. I actually admired their tenacity. Usually when I do catch and release, they get tossed into the huge cypress hedge. So..I can assume that the slugs are just laughing at my diatomaceous earth?

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