Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What a wonderful day in the garden

The greenhouse-after
Today is my day off! It is a bit cloudy so not blistering hot in the greenhouse. I started today finishing off the paint removal of the greenhouse roof. It just looks amazing. It will be so much sunnier in there. Then Allan and I headed to Buckerfield's. I LOVE that place. Travis was there again and we briefly discussed bees. I did suggest that he start a blog. He is an urban homesteader. He keeps bees, chickens and is a successful composter. I got all the ingredients for Carolyn Herriot's recipe for making your own fertilizer. I am doing 4 parts canola meal, one part dolomite lime, one part rock phosphate and one part kelp meal. You can get all the ingredients in their bulk section. They ranged from .49 to $4.99 per kilogram. I figure it is about a quarter of the price to make your own. I also got a bale of straw for $16.99.
I double checked the price of Diatomacious Earth and it is indeed $3.99 per kilo.
We then took a side trip to Sun Wing greenhouses on Oldfield Road. I've been hearing about it for years. I bought some of their tomatoes and some cherries and a bag of, yup, basil. Their greenhouses are inspiring. If you love greenhouses, you really should see them.
When we returned home, I got back into the yard. We installed the tomato hanging bar in the greenhouse. I cut a swath through the snowberry bushes so that we can walk around the greenhouse for maintenance etc. Also, it may cut down on the number of slugs we get.
I asked Allan if he had a few 2x2's or 2x4's that I could pound into the ground at three corners of the garden as a hose stop. He had three steel bars! I'm sure they came from the same mystery place as the 14 foot, two inch tubing that is now hanging in the greenhouse. I have covered the straw, it looks like it could rain later. My arms are sore and I'm pooped.
The new walkway

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