Monday, July 25, 2011

Today was about the perennial border

My wonderful 20 year old Haws
watering can.
In the veggie patch today, I pulled out the bolting spinach and fertilized with fish fertilizer.
Basically it was a day to thin some perennials and cut down others. I pruned out about 3/4 of the stalks on my peonies. They have had a black spot/blight thing for about ten years. It has just got worse and worse over the years. One year I tried to remove one and dug it out, I thought, and the following year that one came back and didn't have the plague. So I have cut it back so that I can be clearing out infected leaves. I'm going to cut it back in fall to just below ground level, clean up really well around and over them and then top with some topsoil. I'll do this until the disease is gone.
Then I moved on to some overgrown iris. I started grabbing handfuls and just pulling. It works. It was not necessary to dig. The rhizomes lie on the surface, so as long as the soil is damp, they come right out. I then did the same to some overgrown asters. They are very easy to thin by just pulling them out. The roots come out easily.
I moved my last creeping thyme to the back. I have five as a test to find out which may work as a ground cover. In my perfect world, I would like to get rid of a lot of the lawn. So far, wooly thyme is winning.

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